Alex Verhalle

Alex Verhalle is a creative visual artist based near Brussels, Belgium.

His work combines a passion for architecturemusic and fine art with sophistication and purity. 

Skilled in the use of specialized techniques and professional equipment, he creates unique visual stories for personal art projects or carefully selected clients. 

His dedication, passion and aesthetic vision has led to international assignments as a visual artist.


Are you looking for a photographer to visualize your spatial, living or building project? 

Architecture encompasses the entire impact of a building project: the appearance and the use or spatial experience of a building. Architectural photography is used to communicate and experience the art of architecture (or associated projects) and is the mission of an expert in architectural photography. 

Alex Verhalle is such an expert and creates professional representation media for architects, interior designers, contractors, painters, designers and many others for any desired purpose.

His work combines the admiration for architecture and aesthetics with sophistication and purity. With an eye for details, he reflects the quality of his clients through professional images using specialized equipment, techniques and software. 


The power of music is indescribable. It arouses all kind of emotions and takes very different forms.

By combining his passion for music with photography, he got a different view on this world. His preference is for the electronic music style called "Techno". Two years ago, he took the first steps as a photographer in this fascinating world.

The challenge was huge and even to this day, he keeps looking for innovative ways to make a difference as an artist.

Even before he started as a photographer in the "techno scene" and was only a sympathizer, he immediately felt a very special atmosphere: a free, respectful, raw, intense and immersive environment that "ravers" and sympathizers want to experience.

Creating visual art in a personal style and form gives him the opportunity to portray the properties of techno and the feelings it generates. 

Applying an old animation technique is a challenge for him and a way to make a difference. This new approach and the evolution in it, has taken him to places he could only dream of at first. Possession in Paris, KHIDI in Tbilisi and "Vault Sessions" in Amsterdam are some examples of techno events he got to experience. 

 The energy emanating from music and images is very strong and combining them has a very motivating effect. Getting started with this gives him a lot of satisfaction.

Text: Kris Soret

Clients | event photography
Khidi (GEO)
Vault Sessions (NL)
Possession (FR)
Hex (ESP)
Exil (FR)
Awakenings (NL) 
Rotterdam Rave (NL)
Complex Maastricht (NL)
Extrema (BE)
Fuse (BE)
Kompass (BE)

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The Jane Antwerp
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